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Influenced by a variety of genres within the alternative music umbrella, The Losing Score consists of three best friends, enthused on creating and playing punchy music with energy and heart. The band are based within the centre of the UK, in the historical West Midlands town of Shrewsbury, positioned within ease of Birmingham, Manchester & Liverpool. 

Best described as a mixture of Emo, Pop Punk, Indie and Alternative Rock, the trio deliver personal lyrics exploring themes of existential dread and battles with mental health while juxtaposing those dark themes with upbeat and lively instrumental. Often compared to bands such as Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Joyce Manor and Remo Drive, The Losing Score offer their own spin on the genre by blending together a variety of inspirations and styles into their own flavour of alternative music. They were included in Discovered Magazine's Top 10 "Undiscovered Artists of the Year" in December 2020, with the publication claiming "the band have absolutely ignited a much-needed spark of creativity and innovation that will send them into pools of success". With two EPs and two additional standalone singles under their belt, the three-piece have also been praised by The Alternative, Punktastic and No Echo, just to name a few.


Still Waiting For Things To Get Better / 5-Track EP / December 2018
The Modern Art of Hitting Snooze / Standalone SIngle / June 2020
Closed For Season / 5-Track EP / September 2020
"Eat Floor, High Fibre" / Standalone Single / December 2020

Timeline - 2018 - 2020

The band made their debut in late 2018 with the release of the debut single, "Alphabet Soup". Since then, the song has been streamed 100,000 times and introduced people across the globe to The Losing Score's music. This single came from the debut EP, "Still Waiting For Things To Get Better".
   This 5-track EP received positive reception and was featured by indie blogs such as The Uncharted Hour, praising "Eggshells" and writing "the guitar work is just so catchy and overall feels far from a cookie-cutter punk song". In 2019, Rezante Review wrote "The Losing Score instantly caught our attention with the loyalty they keep to their sound", explaining "If you're a Remo Drive or Joyce Manor fan, this is the band for you". The EP was named "Album of the Day" by Banks Radio Australia in February 2019 and tracks such as "Alphabet Soup" and "If I'm Leaving, Then I'm Taking The Krabby Patty Secret Formula With Me" both received airtime from BBC Shropshire Introducing.


After playing a handful of shows in support of the EP, including a packed out hometown show and several support slots making live-debuts in various cities, The Losing Score embarked on their first tour in October 2019, co-headlined with Thunder & The Giants. This included 4 dates, making a live-debut in Leeds, as well as revisiting Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. This was followed by opening for bands including musical inspirations, Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Oso Oso and Chris Farren.
   In March 2020, the band began tracking their second EP, "Closed For Season". While this EP was in production, they released self-recorded standalone single, "The Modern Art of Hitting Snooze". Fault Line rated the single a 4/5, describing the track as "a very welcome addition to The Losing Score’s back catalogue", and Punktastic claimed, "it had us busting at the seams".

In August 2020, the first single "Dear Sister" was premiered by The Alternative alongside a parody-inspired DIY music video. The Alternative's Eli Enis described the track as "a bouncy pop-punker that rules really damn hard", comparing the band's sound to Joyce Manor's "Last You Heard of Me". Punktastic wrote that "Closed For Season" offered "serious progression from their first EP", closing the positive review with "Add them to you ‘ones to watch’ list, they’ll surely start making waves in the future". No Echo described the band by saying "Their English hearts contain a drive that only musicians with a true passion can achieve", claiming that "The sheer energy injection into every verse and chorus is excellent". Discovered Magazine gave the EP a 10/10 review, describing it as "one of the strongest releases in current years when it comes to pop punk".
   Although the band have been unable to perform any songs from the EP live, for obvious reasons, it has been received well by fans and tracks have reached the same streaming numbers in 6 months that tracks from the first EP, took almost 2 years to reach. 

To cap off a busy year for The Losing Score, "Eat Floor, High Fibre" was released in early December 2020. It received an improved score of 4.5/5 from Fault Line and praise from fans who had waited patiently since first hearing it live in 2019. The track saw The Losing Score at their strongest, both musically and performance-wise. This has set the tone for the next chapter for The Losing Score with a busy year of writing and recording ahead.

The Losing Score are always working on new music, translating the everlasting hurdles in life into catchy and melodic tunes. Striving to share their despair in the form of energetic and fun live sets, the band provide an enthusiastic performance on stage, leaving room for singalongs too.

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