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Alternative, Emo, Power Punk, Rock, Nightcore


Shrewsbury, England


Brodie 'Tall Boy' Normandin - Guitar / Vocals
Cal 'Lil Uber' Mac - Bass
Jack 'Hawaiian Shirt' Smith - Drums

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The Losing Score - Closed For Season
The Losing Score - Closed For Season

Still Waiting For Things To Get Bett
Still Waiting For Things To Get Bett

Debut EP from The Losing Score

The Losing Score - Closed For Season
The Losing Score - Closed For Season



"The Losing Score instantly caught our attention with the loyalty they keep to their sound" - Rezante Review

After some attempts to complete The Losing Score line up, Jack and Brodie started studying Music Technology at a local college. It was there that they formed a bond with drummer Callum, who was soon forced into learning the bass so that the band could start performing at college gigs. Butchering covers of influential bands including Weezer and Modern Baseball, the band decided to spend their final unit to self-record a demo EP, including an original, a cover of The Front Bottoms and a live session cover of Modern Baseball's 'The Weekend'. After hilariously winning the best group recording at the college graduation party, the band hid the terrible demo from the world. After partially splitting apart for a year to study in various places, the band reunited in the summer of 2018 to record 5 tracks Brodie had written in the time apart. 


Consisting of three best friends, The Losing Score came to fruition years after the band name was initially penned. At the tender ages of 11 & 12, Brodie and Jack met whilst sitting out of PE, both sharing an injury of the majorly exaggerated broken toe variety. Over the years, the two bonded over video games, movies and most importantly, music. Discovering new bands together after years of religious Foo Fighters praise, the duo began playing together in Jack's dinky shed at what felt like arctic levels of winter cold - it was so small that Brodie couldn't stand up in it, and the door was so broken that a tub of chewing gum had to be duct-taped to the wall, stopping the two from getting stuck inside. Spending weekends between school covering The Wonder Years and blink-182, the band were lacking a bassist, until...

The pre-production of 'Still Waiting To Get Better' began in the early summer. Pissing off the neighbours, drum writing was completed in Brodie's brother's bedroom, surrounded by duvets and anything to absorb the sound. Towards the end of August, the band ventured up to the sleepy town of Colne in Lancashire to record the 5 songs with Matt Heap at Suff Studios. Despite being a total stranger at the start of the week, Matt quickly became a great friend of the band, helping transform the EP from a collection of sloppy songs into what became the band's debut. Mastered by Rachel Lightner of 'Nervous Dater', the tracks were finally released in December with the 'Alphabet Soup' music video (recorded by friend, Jon Burgess) being released a week before.

Since then, the band have slowly began playing shows in different cities including Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, as well as packing out a hometown show to celebrate the release of the debut. The EP was released to praise from various indie blogs and websites, receiving radio play from BBC Introducing Shropshire, being named 'Banks Radio Australia's "Album of the Day" in February and reaching over 60,000 streams in it's first 6 months.

Currently, the band are trying to find themselves, both spiritually and within the alternative music scene. With new material in the works, The Losing Score are set to share their uncomfortable stage banter in a city near you soon...