"Eat Floor, High Fibre"

A festive single from 'The Losing Score'

Out December 4th


Produced by Sam Bloor @ Lower Lane Studio

Written and performed by The Losing Score

Artwork by Brodie


Back before the world went to shit, this song

was in most of our live sets, but we didn't know

exactly when a studio version would see the

light of day. After the release of 'Snooze' as

well as our second EP, we decided it would be

a fun way to end such a bad year. Considering

it's about Batman Returns and my winter spent

on pain killers... December seemed appropriate.



'Closed For Season'

The new EP from 'The Losing Score'

Out September 25th

1. Every Day (Feels The Same)

2. Dear Sister

3. Claustrophobic

4. A Shoulder To Die On

5. The Big Twist

All songs written and performed by The Losing Score
Mixed by Bob Cooper
Mastered by James Trevascus
Drum recording and re-amping by Bob Cooper
Photography by Mitchell Brooks
Dear Sister Poster by Cam Lopez
Claustrophobic Poster by GilleGill
Graphics by Stafoh