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"Eat Floor, High Fibre"


Produced by Sam Bloor @ Lower Lane Studio

Written and performed by The Losing Score

Artwork by Brodie


Written about a winter spent on pain killers due

to a foot injury, Tim Burton's 1992 'Batman Returns'

referencing "Eat Floor, High Fibre" is The Losing

Score at their best. The band mix their hybrid sound

of emo-influenced punk rock with stripped back,

melodic sections and explosive choruses.

Produced by Sam Bloor, the UK-based three-piece

sound the best they have ever sounded. This

standalone single is a taste of what's to come for

The Losing Score.

The Losing Score - Closed For Season.png

'Closed For Season'

The new EP from 'The Losing Score'

Out September 25th

1. Every Day (Feels The Same)

2. Dear Sister

3. Claustrophobic

4. A Shoulder To Die On

5. The Big Twist

All songs written and performed by The Losing Score
Mixed by Bob Cooper
Mastered by James Trevascus
Drum recording and re-amping by Bob Cooper
Photography by Mitchell Brooks
Dear Sister Poster by Cam Lopez
Claustrophobic Poster by GilleGill
Graphics by Stafoh

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